Great News! INAPA 2023 is Coming Back

INAPA – Indonesia International Trade Show for Automotive Industry 2023 and  INABIKE – Indonesia International Motorcycle, Parts & Accessories Exhibition 2023 have become perfect trade shows to the growing needs of commercial vehichles industry. The show attracts industry leaders and key player in automotive vehicles and motorcycle components industry to showcase the latest innovation, product and services. This is a special zone for automotive, motorcycle and supporting industry that will optimize for exhibitors to meet the companies are connected to their business and facilitate professional buyers to find their special needs.

INAPA 2023 along with Transport & Logistics Indonesia 2023, IIBT 2023, Tyre & Rubber Indonesia 2023, EV Indinesia 2023 and INABIKE 2023 will be an excellent opportunity to network and expand with your automotive business in Indonesia and the region. INAPA 2023 will present more than 800 exhibiting companies from 21 countries and targeted 20.000 attendees. INAPA has become the ASEAN’s largest annual meeting place for automotive OEM and aftermarket players.

Indonesia – ASEAN’s Largest Automotive Market Recovery

Indonesia with over 270 million of people is in the largest economy in South East Asia. Indonesia’s manufacturing industry contributed of Indonesia Gross Domestic Product(GDP) grew 7.07% in the 2nd Quarter compared with a year earlier. Indonesia’s automotive industry has remained one of the manufacturing sub-sectors contributing positively to the national industry. Growth in the automotive sector in the secont quarter of 2021 increased by 37 percent. It will have a positive impact on the recovery of the automotive industry and eventually jumpstart the national economy.

Another indicator is the purchasing manager’s index (PMI) of indonesian manufacturing. In September 2022 it was recorded at 53:7 , up from 51.7 in August 2022. The results of the S&P Global survey show that the expansion rate of Indonesia’s manufacturing sector in this period was the fastest in 8 monts and was solid overall. Even Indonesia’s manufacturing PMI in September 2022 surpasses the world manufacturing PMI (50.3) “Indonesia’s manufacturing PMI continues to expand, in September 2022 to 53.7. The automotive market in Indonesia is predicted get better, approaching normal conditions.

A New Chapter of Indonesia Transportation

Indonesia Electric Vehicle Marketwas valued at US $533.19 Mn. in 2022. Indonesia Electric Vehicle Market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 20.96%. The market is expected to reach a value of US $ 2022.13 Mn. in 2029.

Globally, the development of electric vehicles (EV) signalled a fundamental shift in the Indonesian transportation sector’s policies. Indonesia is ideally positioned to become a major player in the EV supply chain, given the counntry’s nickel reserves.

Indonesia has ambitious intentions to become a prominent player in the ekectric vehicle sector, with a $17 bilion road map. The goal is to have 2.1 million electric motorcycles and 400,00 electric on the road by 2025, with 20% of them being manufactured locally.

Electric passenger vehicle sales are forecast to reach 250.00 units in 2030, accounting for 16% of all new passenger car sales, while demand for electric motorcycles is expected to reach 1.9 million units, accounting for 30% of all new two-wheeler sales. With over 22% of the world’s nickel deposits and government attempts to reduce emissions by 29% over the next decade. Indonesia has created an ideal environment for electric vehicle manufactures to invest.

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